Premista series

The Premista28-100mmT2.9 is a standard zoom lens covering a 28-100mm focal length. It achieves stunning optical quality from the center to the corners and suppress unwanted flare and ghosts.

HK Premier Series

Ultimate high performance zoom lens designed exceeding 4K optical performance.

ZK Cabrio Series

Lightweight ZK Cabrio Series feature an unique detachable servo drive unit, making it suitable for use as a standard Cine Production Style or Broadcast Style.

XK Cabrio Series

XK6x20 is a lightweight standard zoom lens for 4K compatible cinema camera, which realizes T3.5 brightness for the entire zoom range from 20mm to 120mm with detachable servo drive unit.

MK Series

MK Series achieves high optical performance and low distortion with T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range. Super 35mm/APS-C sensor compatibility and E/X Mount dedicated design have led to the MK Series' advanced optical performance, ultra-compact and lightweight design, and excellent cost performance.